Iļģuciema Medalus

This beer is based on the original lager recipe with adding of natural flower honey which results in a gentle sweet savour. From the old days beer with honey was called “Heady Honey” or mead.

Initially mead was made of honey fermented in buried oak barrel. It was a traditional drink for celebrations. In the middle ages (14th-15th century) honey beer even affected the social and political situation in Riga as it was an export product with high added value.

In 2012 we started production of Original Honey Beer in 30-litre metal kegs.
In 2013 the Cranberry taste was launched.
Since 2015 Medalus (Honey Beer) is bottled in glass.

The product is not a competitor to classic beer! It’s rather a competitor to ciders, alcoholic cocktails and sweet wines.

Medalus (Honey Beer) contains no colouring agents of preservatives.
The Honey Beer is produced of water from a 170-metre deep artesian well.
Medalus (Honey Beer) is highly valuated by wholesale dealers such as pubs and restaurants.