The history of the ILGEZEEM brewery begins in 1863 when it was built by the Germans. Today, in 21st century, the brewery’s products are one of the most appreciated products in Latvia. 150 ago beer lovers highly recognized the brands produced by the brewery: Berliner White, Bavarian, Marzen, Imperial, Münchener Cabinet and others. The brewery produces malt extract since 19th century.

From 1940 to 1980 the brewery was considered as one of the best dark beer and lemonade manufacturers in Riga.
However the political and economical situation of 1991 caused dramatic change in the national economy of Latvia which resulted in cessation of production at the brewery.

In 1997 the brewery was acquired by SIA ILGEZEEM – a team of professionals truly committed to their work. Since then it has begun modernization of production.
We began the production of malt drinks, brewed and fermented by special technology, and continued with production of naturally fermented kvass. Nowadays our kvass and malt products are recognized as one of the favourite drinks in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany.