The history of the ILGEZEEM brewery begins in 1863 when it was built by the Germans. Today, in 21st century, the brewery’s products are one of the most appreciated products in Latvia. 150 ago beer lovers highly recognized the brands produced by the brewery: Berliner White, Bavarian, Marzen, Imperial, Münchener Cabinet and others. The brewery produces malt extract since 19th century.

From 1940 to 1980 the brewery was considered as one of the best dark beer and lemonade manufacturers in Riga.
However the political and economical situation of 1991 caused dramatic change in the national economy of Latvia which resulted in cessation of production at the brewery.

In 1997 the brewery was acquired by SIA ILGEZEEM – a team of professionals truly committed to their work. Since then it has begun modernization of production.
We began the production of malt drinks, brewed and fermented by special technology, and continued with production of naturally fermented kvass. Nowadays our kvass and malt products are recognized as one of the favourite drinks in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany.


Our motto – traditions and innovations!

We are devoted to make our products as a benchmark of quality, meanwhile sticking to our traditions and ancient recipes. We highly value opinion and needs of our customers. Essence of our business is the professionalism, experience and potential  of our employees. Our employees are passionate about the work they do, they generate new ideas and innovative solutions, thus introducing customers with new products and flavours.

We adhere to the principles of efficiency and sustainability. We aspire to be the best in our business!



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The ILGEZEEM brewery is a successful participant of various festivals and exhibitions. For its qualitative products the brewery received awards at:

Concurso Internacional de Cervezas Artesanas 2018 (CICA):

Beer Porter – Best Beer, Grand Gold Medal
Beer Extra – Gold Medal
Kraftbeer Honey – Silver Medal

Baltic Beer Star 2017:

Sweetbeer Original – Gold Medal
Malt beverage Porter – Silver Medal
Malt Beverage Original – Silver Medal
Sweetbeer Ginger – Bronze Medal
Dark Beer – Bronze Medal
Riga Beer – Bronze Medal

Baltic Beer Star 2016:

Veselības dzēriens Original – Silver Medal
Kvass Porter – Silver Medal
Kvass Original – Bronze Medal

Baltic Beer Star 2015:

Medalus Original – Bronze Medal
Medalus Cranberry – Silver Medal
Medalus Ginger-Cannabis – Bronze Medal

At the fairs in Moscow, Warsaw, Riga, Anuga 2015 in Cologne, Grüne Woche 2015, 2016 in Berlin, Carnival of Cultures 2016 in Berlin and Beer Mile 2015, ILGEZEEM brewery achieved a public and jury recognition and acclaim.

At the Riga Beer Festival in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 the brewery was ranked first in sales.
At the fairs in Russia the brewery got prizes for excellent taste and quality.