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Beer from malt extract

Iļģuciems malt extract – 1 kg Sugar -1 kg Dry yeast – 10 g Dried hops – 100 g Water – 20 l (preferably soft water) Beer brewing starter kit Prepare a hop decoction – pour water over 100 grams of hops and boil. Leave the decoction for an hour, then drain. Stir the malt […]

Bread from malt extract

300 g of rye flour 70 g of caraway 1,2 l of water 2 kg of wheat flour 50 g of malt extract 40 g dry yeast (can also be pressed) 300 g of sugar 30 g of salt 750 ml of sour milk Pour rye flour and caraway into a bowl and sprinkle over […]

Kvass from malt extract

Rye bread crusts – 0,5 kg Iļģuciems malt extract – 1 jar (600 g) Water – 6-7 l Sugar – 0,5 kg Compressed yeast – 50 g Dry out bread crusts in the oven. Pour boiling water (½ of the total amount) over crusts; allow infusing until the water has become a dark bread color […]