Tanheiser Cider

Tanheiser Cider – sparkling beverage with a sweet apple taste

Did you know?

Sparkling cider has been known by the ancient Romans, when it was recognized as slightly alcoholic, safe and enjoyable drink for everyone.

In 19th century in regions with a lot of apple plantations cider was consumed almost as much as water. It was considered cleaner and safer than water.

What is Cider?

Cider is sparkling, thirst quenching, slightly alcoholic drink made from apple juice. This beverage’s rich history has helped to held ancient preparation traditions, combining them with modern bouquet of flavor.

 What makes Tanheiser cider so special?

Our ciders are made from apple juice concentrate using natural fermentation process, no preservatives, no flavour enhancers are added. To supplement the taste, we add blackcurrant, ginger – cannabis and hibiscus tea flavours. Tanheiser ciders have different alcohol strength, starting with 4.5 up to 7%. To enjoy the unique taste of drink, it is advised to drink ciders cooled or with ice.