Iļģuciema kvass won 1st place in The Most Loved Latvian Beverage Brand top!

Iļģuciema kvass, “Veselība” and malt drinks have won the first place in The Most Loved Latvian Beverage Brand Top. In the overall Most Loved Latvian Brand Top Iļģuciema drinks ranked in 33rd place.

“We are honoured to be the most loved beverage brand in Latvia, and for that we say thank you to our customers and partners who trust and choose our brand. We will continue to produce preservative-free kvass and malt beverages, as well as work on introduction of new products,” said Rihards Jablokovs, Head of Marketing and Sales at SIA Ilgezeem.

In total, there are 5 types of Iļģuciema kvass available in the Latvian market – Original, Porter, Strong, Unfiltered and White Kvass, as well as 5 types of malt beverages – Original, Blackcurrant, No Sugar, Malt Dark and Ginger non-alcoholic malt drink.

In 2019, Ilgezeem was the leading seller of natural kvass in Latvia, providing 47% of the local market, while sales of soft alcoholic beverages reached 52% of the local market. Last year, Ilgezeem’s turnover increased to 4.93 million euros, from which 82.09% was provided by the Latvian market.

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