Fancy Food Show New York, USA

July 10, 2017

From June 25 to 27 ILGEZEEM took part in the Fancy Food Show in New York, USA. TANHEISER Kraftbeer and Sweetbeer were specifically presented at this exhibition, but TANHEISER Malt drinks also received a great deal of interest from visitors.

Fancy Food Show has been held since 1952 and it is the largest specialized food and beverage product exhibition in North America, where participants and visitors are only those working in the food and beverage industries. This year’s exhibition was attended by over 2,600 participants from around the world, presenting around 180,000 different products including sweets, cheese, coffee, snacks, spices, various types of drinks and other commodity groups.

“TANHEISER is our traditional export brand, which we we presented at this exhibition. The weather was very warm, so visitors were happy to try different types of beer with fruit flavors. Russian, Latvian and Lithuanian visitors were also particularly interested in malt drinks – tasted and compared different types,”said Zane Tjurina, Deputy Head of Sales and Marketing.

Brand TANHEISER Kraftbeer includes six different types of beers with honey, cranberry, ginger and cannabis, blackcurrant, apple and cherry flavor.

Brand TANHEISER Sweetbeer includes non-alcoholic malt drinks with cranberry, ginger and black currant flavors. The brand also includes original and dark non-alcoholic malt drinks.

TANHEISER Malt drinks brand includes porter, unfiltered, original, dark, classic, and blackcurrant flavor kvass.