Beer from malt extract

  • Iļģuciems malt extract – 1 kg
  • Sugar -1 kg
  • Dry yeast – 10 g
  • Dried hops – 100 g
  • Water – 20 l (preferably soft water)
  • Beer brewing starter kit

Prepare a hop decoction – pour water over 100 grams of hops and boil. Leave the decoction for an hour, then drain. Stir the malt extract in water, add yeast, sugar and hop decoction. If you want a light beer, add regular sugar, but for darker beer – roast sugar before adding to the liquid (the better roasted the sugar, the darker the beer). When this is done, pour the liquid into a container, close it with a stopper (or lid), and place a gas discharge tube in it. In a week such beer will be fermented. Then the beer can be filled in bottles and stoppered. Add about 5 grams of sugar to each litre of ready drink. The beer will be carbonated, sparkling and quite strong.

Take into account:

  • All containers used for brewing beer must be completely clean and with no cracks.
  • At the end of the beer fermentation period, before pouring into bottles, make sure that it is completely fermented and does not have a sweet taste, otherwise the fermentation will continue in bottles.

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