CRAFT PORTER beer takes Grand Gold at CICA, Madrid

September 29, 2018

Concurso Internacional De Cervezas Artesanas ” (CICA), Madrid

In the international brewerie’s and professional tasting competition “ Concurso Internacional De Cervezas Artesanas ” (CICA), Madrid, ILGEZEEM Porter Kraft beer was recognized as the absolute winner in the competition among 157 other beers and received the Grand Gold Award. Gold and silver medals were awarded to the Kraftbeer Honey and Kraft Extra beer. These three award-winning beer varieties are available both in Spain and in Latvia.

Porter Kraft-beer is a particularly strong, dense beer, lagering 60 days, and has a dark brown color, and alcohol up to 7.5%. Kraft beer series are brewed according to 155 years old recipes.

The competition took place on 26 September in Madrid, Spain. Its aim is to evaluate the diversity and quality of beer by promoting it among consumers. In the competition participated breweries from different countries with 157 varieties of beer. Evaluation took place in 14th categories and 29 subcategories. 43 medals were awarded, 4 of which are Grand Gold, 21 are gold medals and the remaining 18 are silver medals.

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