Kvass from malt extract

  • Rye bread crusts – 0,5 kg
  • Iļģuciems malt extract – 1 jar (600 g)
  • Water – 6-7 l
  • Sugar – 0,5 kg
  • Compressed yeast – 50 g

Dry out bread crusts in the oven. Pour boiling water (½ of the total amount) over crusts; allow infusing until the water has become a dark bread color with a pleasant bread aroma. Drain the water, pouring it into another container. Then pour the remaining boiling water over the bread crumbs again, and allow infusing for another hour. Drain and pour the two liquids together, add and dissolve the malt extract while stirring, add the sugar and allow to cool slightly. Add the yeast, which is dissolved in sugar, and put the container into a warm place to ferment until foam appears (approximately 6-8 hours).



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